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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature

Customer Testimonials

"Marion advised me to take Birthing Essence for about two weeks before my due date, but I had a strong feeling that my baby was going to be early, so I started taking it sooner than that. In the end, I used it for just over a week. I took the seven drops three times per day as suggested on the bottle. I had already had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy, and I really was in such a positive place about the whole experience that I never needed to use the acute case dosage.

Duncan arrived nine days early, and I felt totally prepared and positive about the birth. My labour was amazingly short – mild contractions started at about 10.30 am, and he was born at 1.08 pm – he only just waited for the midwife! We had a truly magical home birth, which I shall remember forever. My body and mind were completely ready for the birthing process, and I felt what I can only describe as a beautiful, instinctive maternal strength as my contractions started. I was relaxed and calm, and felt completely in control and empowered throughout the whole indescribably wonderful experience.

Duncan was a happy and contented baby, and is now a very loving and happy 4 year old. I really do feel that my sense of well-being and joy when he was born has played a part in him being such a contented wee soul. He into the world in an atmosphere of calmness, wonder and love."

- Zoe

“As one who travels as extensively as I do, I take Bon Voyage with me wherever I go. The essence (and travel pillules) has been a godsend as I travel over long distances crossing different time zones frequently for my work. When some of us are afflicted with that dull, blah feeling whenever we fly, I recommend Bon Voyage for its combination of Daisy – to help us to keep calm and stay focused, Sycamore – to help us recharge our energy, Scottish Primrose & Scots Pine – to help us find Inner Peace and reinforce self assurances (which we can get a little disillusional and delirious after a long flight), and Sea Rocket & Wild Pansy help us revitalise our energies during flight and after. I take Bon Voyage prior to take off, every other hour inflight if possible, and upon arrival. I continue taking the essence throughout the rest of the day and just before I turn in for the night. I awake refreshed and generally do not suffer from jetlag the next day.”

-  Wayne Wia Ling

"I found the Calm Me Down combination very effective.  I was feeling exhausted and emotionally drained.  For about three or four days, I took the suggested dose of 7 drops, 3 times a day.  I certainly felt the power of the remedy and was placed in a very different place, from when I first started.

All the anxiety I had been feeling was gone.  I knew I hadn’t resolved my inner pain, so I reduced the amount of 3 drops and gradually down to once a day and then, no days at all.  When I was not coping so well, I went back to the 3 drops.  I need to think I am treating my mind and body well, so when a friend recommended the Findhorn remedy to me again, I was pleased to do so.  It is certainly helping."

- Jo

"It is far beyond what I expected – the horoscope reading is in such a huge volume that covers all width and depth of my soul, and so well matches with the spiritual quality of FFE essences!
Jane’s reading was a great relief to me, and an amazing guide map of this life.

Please express my gratitude to Jane. I would really recommend this to anyone who wishes to fulfill the life purpose and live consciously and spiritually."

- SN, Japan

"You have had a profound influence on my mental and physical health for the past 11 years during a very long and arduous physical infirmity.  Now that I have finally gotten much better, I still use the essences almost daily for ease and transformation, so I can make it through my day!"

- Elizabeth H 

"Oh by the way, the Eros cream is gorgeous.  It smells divine and it's good to know that you are using something that is good for you (and probably has many other unseen benefits) and is not filled with synthetic additives."

- Jane


"I have suffered from psoriasis for more than a decade and over the years I have tried various treatments without success. Steroid creams did have some effect in the short term but in the long term thinned my skin, leaving it vulnerable to blows and bumps, and hence bleeding. As well, it can get painful and terribly itchy. And that’s just the physical side of it.

A major issue for psoriasis sufferers is the psychological effect. As with any skin disfigurement, the majority of people react in a negative manner, even disgust. Until using Eros I did not wear short sleeves or shorts. I now have the confidence to do so.

There is no cure for psoriasis according to current medical opinion. However, having used Eros cream regularly over the past month (applied two times a day)

I have had a dramatic improvement and remission."

- David Steel

"Since I started to take Findhorn Flower Essences  ….. my life and health has improved out of all recognition and spiritually I have experienced great change. I know that seems a wildly exaggerated claim but you have to experience this change yourself to understand. I have been able to take the first steps to changing my life.

Flower essences seem such innocuous remedies and people dismiss them and the claim ‘this changed my life’ as sensational but for me this is what has happened. I know that these changes are not going to be easy and will, at my age, require a lot of courage and for me that courage came out of a bottle and literally changed my life."

- June Galea

"I must say that Findhorn drops really have some magic influence. I did not believe in flower essences before I started to take Findhorn drops!"

- Aime Hanson

"(When I opened the stock kit of essences)…. The energy felt so pure and strong, a high vibrational feeling came to me from the box. Just beautiful! Whenever I think of them, I smile, they remind me of all the light and love that I sometimes forget is here. Thank you so much for following your heart. What a gift you have for the world. They are sacred."

- Marina Jacoby

"By the way, I have had spectacular results with my Findhorn Essences. Thank you."

- Pamela

"The Findhorn Essences are so very effective! I noticed a change whenever I have taken them. Bless you!"

- Suzanne Hewett

"Your remedies are an absolute blessing to mankind."

- Rosalind

"(Your special combination) … was for my son, 21/2  year’s old ….  It was an emotionally shattering experience us for us to take him out (lots of crying and violent struggling). Now he has improved so much. He’s a lot more confident, calm and has less anger.  Thank you so much – your essences are a godsend."

- Kirti Kumar

"Fire essence gave me a greater awareness of my emotions; since I tend to over-emphasize the mental, I found this very enlivening and it provided a balancing shift of awareness."

- Michelle Waterloo

"I took Calm Me Down for several days after our holiday and have just resumed taking it again and have ordered another bottle.  I feel it helps me deal with the stress I am experiencing at the moment.  I have used the Bach Rescue Remedy for many years but I feel your Findhorn Calm Me Down essence is more effective. Thank you! :-)"

- Gillian Barbour

"I am a radio journalist and bought your brilliant "voice confidence" essence when I was in Glasgow. It works wonders. I have never talked so well on the radio. Now it is nearly empty and I would love to stock up. 
Preferably 10 bottles or more. They are wonderful."

- Dr. Mithu Melanie Sanyal

"Thank you so much for  ……. the marvellous beauty-cream, which I have been using for a few days. It’s really great. I had a skin-irritation because of a facemask. After two days taking your cream the irritation was gone." 

- Manuela I. Widder

"After about one week using the essence, (Earth Elemental Essence)
I experienced a joyful spiritual expansiveness that became my consistent waking state. I felt greatly uplifted and serene, and had a profound sense of the divine order of life.

On the physical side, I became more agile and flexible, much lighter in my body and more graceful in my movements. I lost the sluggish, "earth-bound" quality my movements had previously had. I also found that the pain and fatigue from varicose veins that usually occurred after being on my feet for several hours, had disappeared.

A clairvoyant and MD who assessed my chakras, and who had observed me about 7 months previously, reported a number of dramatic, positive changes:

Overall, previously distorted chakras were now properly configured even if they were not yet fully charged. Those chakras which had been functioning well before were extraordinarily charged and remarkably expanded, to a degree she has not observed before in average, healthy individuals.
Actually, she was so impressed, she began taking flower essences herself!"

-  Michelle Waterloo

"I have been using the essence Clear Light with my Astrology work.  The difference has been extremely noticeable.  When I use it the words just flow and I can get in touch with my inner guidance.  When I don't use it I am constantly searching for words that seem just out of reach."

- Jane