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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature

Shipping charges overview


v1.6  121h January 2017

Shipping costs are based on the destination country and the weight of each item.

All shipping costs include VAT of 20% where applicable.

 You have the option of selecting either a tracking service or a non tracking service for delivery.  

Delivery Charges      
Delivery to United Kingdom   Delivery to Europe
Weight Cost   Weight Cost
      0-500g £4.80
0-200g £3.50   501-700g £5.95
201-850g £4.10   701-1kg £7.00
851-2kg £6.39   1.1-1.5kg £10.32
2-3kg £8.50   1.5-2kg £13:00
3-5kg £11.00   2-3.8kg £32.00
5-10kg £15.00   3.8-10kg £35.64
10-12kg £18.52   10-20kg £38.28
12.1-20kg £25.00   20-30kg £45.00
20kg and above Contact Us   30-40kg £80.00
      40kg and above Contact Us
Delivery to the Rest of the World except South America    
Weight Cost      
0-300g £4.00      
301-500g £6.00      
501-700g £8.06      
700-1kg £9.91      
1.1- 1.5kg £13.90      
1.5-2kg £17.17      
2.0-2.2kg £22.16      
2.2-2.5kg £26.00      
2.5-4kg £65.00      
4-5kg £83.00      
5-10kg £120.00      
10kg and above Contact Us      


Delivery to South America

We have continued problems in the delivery of our essences to South American destinations. 

The best way is through a courier service who will deliver door to door. Unfortunately the cost is high

and is normally above £60, please contact us for a price.