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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature


About Us

Iona Leigh

Managing Director, Teacher, Practitioner

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Iona is a registered Health Creation Mentor and Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner specialising in Spiritual Self Development. She's also a Vibrational sound and energy healer, trained in Reiki and Seichem.

Essences have been a big part of Iona's upbringing in the Findhorn Foundation (spiritual community in Scotland), where her mother Marion Leigh created the renowned Findhorn Flower Essences over 25 years ago.

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Meet the FFE Team



General Manager, Accounts Manager I come from Morecambe in the north west of England and studied Marketing Communications at University. I worked on some big brands including Goodfella's pizza and Waburtons bread. More recently I've be drawn to book-keeping and accounts having performed these roles voluntarily for my children's various clubs and schools. I joined Iona and the team in November 2019 and was drawn to work with FFE as I enjoy gardening, plants and flowers and feel a sense of peace when working in nature. I feel FFE's products and educational services are worthy and beneficial and I'd like to learn more for myself and to help others. I'm also drawn to Iona, her vision for FFE and the calming vibes she exudes which I hope rub off on me too!

I love nature and I have many favourite flowers for different reasons. I love fuscias as there are so many varieties and they remind me of my mum. I'm drawn to plants and flowers with good smells like lavender, honeysuckle, hyacinth, jasmine and carnations. Looking to the future, I am excited about meeting new people, learning new skills, broadening my mind and heart, feeling fulfilled. In closing, my favourite quote is "Dance like there's nobody watching and sing like there's nobody listening" because I love to dance and sing and don't care how I look or sound as it makes me feel fabulous!

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Production Manager, Health & Safety Officer

With my father being in the Royal Air Force I was born in Wegberg, Germany but relocated to Scotland as a young child and raised here in the beautiful north east town of Forres. After completing my schooling, adventure hollered and I moved further afield to explore what life had to offer in the big cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, respectively.

I’ve had a very varied career background to date. From working for a large British airline to one of the UK’s top destination spas and onto a prestigious cloth merchants. All of which have given me a very eclectic knowledge of business and allowed for personal development in more ways than I thought possible.

Having spent many years working away in cities it was time to come home and bring up my young family in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings we have here in Moray. Findhorn in particular has a special place in my heart, having created so many lovely memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. Returning has felt like I have brought my life full circle and I’m excited to start the next chapter and take my quantum leap into Findhorn Flower Essences full of vim and vigour.

The gorse has got to be one of my favourite flowers. It’s vibrant yellow petals and sweet smelling scent brings back fond memories of my childhood having a wonderful time in such an idyllic place. I recall feeling very excited when travelling back for visits when I saw the gorse bushes, I knew I was almost there; home.

I have known Iona for many years, but to have the opportunity to work with her in this capacity was one in which I couldn’t pass up. Her energy is ever so infectious, so naturally I can’t help but be drawn to and inspired by her.

One of my most favourite quotes has to be ‘Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think’ - Christopher Robin.

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