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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature


About Us

Findhorn Flower Essences started over 25 years ago by Marion Leigh. Today, Marion’s daughter Iona Leigh runs the company in Findhorn based on the founding principles of co-creation with nature and a holistic healing approach. The essences are lovingly handmade by a core team of ‘gems’, as Iona likes to call them! Please meet the wonderful FFE team below.


Iona Leigh FFE Managing Director, Daughter of Marion Leigh

"As the managing director of a spirited business, guiding my team and students in the Findhorn's founding principles of working in cooperation with nature is key. My mother taught me how to connect with both seen and unseen beings and this is the legacy that will continue to inspire many of us in our flower essence work for many years to come.” Iona Leigh, 15th July 2019 


I grew up in the heart of the Findhorn Community and began making essences with my mother from the age of eight. As a teenager, I began working with Findhorn's founding principles through my education work with Family and Youth programs and holiday camps. I went on to study Music Performance at University in London and completed my Masters degree in Music and Health. After a successful 10-year music career and teaching posts, I returned to run FFE with my mother in 2007, and began developing the FFE education pathway.

 My mother passed away very suddenly in July 2019, which was a great shock, huge family loss and traumatic time of deep sadness. However, feeling my mother's presence three days after she passed, I knew it was important to continue spreading the healing drops of consciousness through the network of light, so I turned to nature for healing and guidance. I began making the essences just days after my mother passed and have many personal favourites including Scottish Primrose, Sea Holly and Cherry.

 Looking to the future, I am excited about bringing the FFE team into alignment with the vision for healing and into harmony with each other as we carry the company's important education work into its next incarnation. I'm currently completing my Health Creation Mentorship Diploma with the amazing Dr Rosie Daniel, and am confident this will benefit my flower essence healing work. In the famous words of Jim Carey, “Alrighty Then”!

You can email Iona here



Marlize FFE General Manager

I am from Johannesburg in sunny South Africa. I studied Music but ended up working in quality control at a laboratory for forensic and pathology laboratories. My career progressed until I became the General Manager for Thistle Quality Assurance, where I managed seventeen staff members and the company grew to operate in sixteen different countries throughout Africa. I left Thistle QA nineteen years later to immigrate to beautiful Scotland with my husband and son. 

My favourite flower is the Thistle (for courage) as it gives me a strong sense of connection between my two homelands in Johannesburg, Africa and here in bonny Scotland. My favourite quote is a beautiful one by Leonard Cohen where he says; "There is a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

 I joined Findhorn Flower Essences in August 2019 as I was drawn to the company’s ethos and Iona’s vision. I am already feeling the benefit from working in the essence-filled atmosphere. Looking to the future, I am excited about the company’s physical move to The Park (Findhorn Foundation Campus), and this exciting start of a new era for FFE.

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Catriona in Production 

I was born and raised in the North East of Scotland, with close to the Findhorn community. After a few years of city life in my twenties, I missed the peace and beauty of nature, as well as the sense of community we have up here, so came home to this beautiful part of the world. This links well with my favourite quote; ”The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” - W.B Yeats.

Before joining Findhorn Flower Essences in June 2019, I worked for a fellow Findhorn business making natural skincare products and raw ingredients. In my 7 years there I learnt so much about the properties of essential oils, herbs, vegetable oils and botanical extracts, as well as learning how to create my own skincare products, which I really love doing. I've always been strongly drawn to holistic health and healing, as well as energy work. I'm fascinated by all sorts of healing modalities and have been attuned in reiki. 

 I have so many favourite plants and my house is full of them - I don't seem to be able to stop adopting houseplants! I am known for my love of all things green, and I have a special place in my heart for ferns. I think when it comes to flowers, lavender would have to be my favourite. We have loads of it in the garden, I've used it for making smudge sticks with and I am never without lavender essential oil as it is so magical and healing stuff and the scent is so instantly calming for me. This year, my love of plants and natural healing led me to start studying herbal medicine with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. I'm also a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition. 

I've grown up using flower essences and am a passionate believer in the connection between humans and plants, and the powerful healing benefits they can offer us. Now that I work for FFE, I love creating products that are used on people's personal healing journeys. Knowing that I'm contributing to something so positive for people feels really special, and makes it really satisfying work. It's also a joy to work for a company that is truly passionate about the work it's doing. I'm excited to continue learning and working with the Findhorn Essences, and I’m looking forward to growing within the company. 

You can email Catriona at Production 



 Mandy in Accounts

I come from Morecambe in the north west of England and studied Marketing Communications at University. I worked on some big brands including Goodfella's pizza and Waburtons bread. More recently I've be drawn to book-keeping and accounts having performed these roles voluntarily for my children's various clubs and schools.
I joined Iona and the team in November 2019 and was drawn to work with FFE as I enjoy gardening, plants and flowers and feel a sense of peace when working in nature. I feel FFE's products and educational services are worthy and beneficial and I'd like to learn more for myself and to help others. I'm also drawn to Iona, her vision for FFE and the calming vibes she exudes which I hope rub off on me too!
I love nature and I have many favourite flowers for different reasons. I love fuscias as there are so many varieties and they remind me of my mum. I'm drawn to plants and flowers with good smells like lavender, honeysuckle, hyacinth, jasmine and carnations.
Looking to the future, I am excited about meeting new people, learning new skills, broadening my mind and heart, feeling fulfilled. In closing, my favourite quote is "Dance like there's nobody watching and sing like there's nobody listening" because I love to dance and sing and don't care how I look or sound as it makes me feel fabulous!
You can email Mandy on Accounts

 Ria in Production

I come from Sri Lanka but was adopted and raised in bonny Scotland from just three weeks old. In adulthood, I spent many years training to be a chef and worked in numerous busy positions over the years. More recently, I have moved into my second year of Psychotherapy and Counselling, which I feel is a perfect fit alongside my part time work within the FFE Production team.

I joined Iona and the team in September 2019 as I have a multifaceted passion for nature, energy, and a curiosity into how tuning in and connecting to vibrational undercurrents can aid healing work. Working for FFE assists me in areas of my life that need nurturing, which I hope will ease me into living a life that is conscious, authentic and whole.
I love working at FFE because of the care I receive from my colleagues. Seeing the passion we each have for what we do here and the company's value in health and wellbeing is what inspires me. The sense of humour and snacks shared are also a bonus!
My favourite flower is Crocosmia, a humble member of the iris family which I love because of it's bright colours that remind me of summer! Looking to the future, I am excited to keep learning as I see there being plenty of opportunities for me to develop, while feeding my eager mind. In closing, my favourite quote is "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!"
You can email Ria at Production