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Marion Leigh 

Findhorn Essence founder Marion Leigh, initially trained as a homeopath at the Sydney University, Australia. Before joining the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

When relocating to Scotland with her two young children Mike and Iona in 1992, Marion began intuitively making essences in her new Findhorn home.

Supported and encouraged by the Findhorn Foundation's founders Dorothy Mclean and Eileen Caddy, Marion began to attuning to the devas of the flowers. 

Thirty years later, Marion Leigh developed 49 solo Flower essences, 7 gem and 7 element Essences, 24 combination essences and a popular therapy practice.

Marion's legacy was passed down to daughter Iona, after she passed away in the Summer of 2019. Marion's son Dr Mike Stoker, is a successful doctor of Sport Psychology.



Iona Leigh


Iona Leigh grew up making essences with her mother, firstly in her birthplace of Australia and then in her childhood home of Findhorn. 

As a teenager, Iona helped her mother gather holy well water, bottle and label and make the original mother stock in wild areas such as the holy Isle of Iona on the west coast. 

In her 20's, Iona completed a Masters degree in Music and Health, and began running annual Findhorn Essence Practitioner courses with her mother at Cullerne House. 

In her 30's, Iona gained a Diploma of Health Creation and qualification as an Advanced Practitioner with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association.

Upon turning 40, Iona is married with three sons and enjoys a balance of running the business and spending family at home in her beloved Flower Essence Garden.

Iona's deep interest in music, health and vibrational medicine is leading her further into the field of essence research and writing as well as teaching internationally.