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Willing to FEEL with Findhorn Essences?

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By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, advanced essence practitioner and tutor with the BFVEA, health mentor with Health Creation UK, and holder of a Masters degree with distinction in Performance and Health from Thames Valley University, London.

To be truly self-confident and able to express ourselves authentically, we must first be emotionally courageous. What does that mean? Essentially, it means willing to feel everything… and that means being willing to be vulnerable, too. 

So often our natural emotional reaction or behavioural response is to shut down, hide, or remove ourselves from difficult situations; we put up energetic blocks in order not to feel.

We do this on auto-pilot as a route to an easy and safe life. But the more we open ourselves to really feel (by strengthening our inner forces), the more we raise our energetic vibration and emotional resilience in all areas of inner and outer life. 

Flower Essence Therapy is a great tool for aligning ourselves with our (soul) purpose, as is encourages us to proactively and consciously invite positive intentions into our emotional, mental and spiritual lives.

Every flower has a different vibratory response within our being, because every flower has its own energetic make up. Dr Andrew Tresseder describes a flower essence entering our system as being like ringing a bell (or tuning fork) which vibrates and reverberates, setting off our own inner bell (or tuning fork) in a harmonic response. I’ve always loved that explanation!

So why would we take an essence to feel more?

Well, one of the things our founder (my mother) often said while walking through the office was: “trust your emotions!” 

Mum often described the importance of understanding our human emotions as crucial ‘cues and clues’ to inner learning.

“Feelings come up to offer you a lesson and each time one raises its head, see if you are willing to listen and learn from it because the more often you choose not to, the more shut down and blocked off you become from yourselves, others and the flow of conscious awakening in each moment.” – Marion Leigh

This year, our Christmas special is a bundle of three of our best-selling Combination Essences which can help as we lead into this often overwhelming, stressful and emotional festive period:

  • Prosperity for developing your feelings around manifesting
  • Eros for developing tenderness
  • Life Force for activating positive energy flow into all areas of your life and being. 

With all the expectations of Christmas, how the media ‘expects’ us to feel and the way the season is portrayed can actually become an emotional burden. Why not, instead, use it as a time to practise self-care while opening up to anything that is there to support your awakening? 

Eros Combo Essence is for LOVE – Express love freely! 

Life Force Combo Essence is for ENERGISED – Boost your energy, alleviate tiredness and restore vitality! 

Prosperity Combo Essence is for ABUNDANCE – Manifest your dreams and goals to succeed and prosper! 

If you would rather work on a more subtle level, there are two Aromatherapy Sacred Room Mists that we also recommend this festive season.

Sacred Earth Room Mist helps bring in grounding energies into your physical space, while Sacred Light Room Mist creates conscious connection within spiritual practice to align to purpose, or between people meeting for a shared purpose. 

The combination of these two mists together is very profound, particularly as Sacred Light brings in the rare Blue Lotus oil from India. If you would like to read more about this, please read below. 

In the meantime, blessings on this unfolding festive time filled with expectation – often far too much. I hope you can use essences and mists to create a regular practice that settles the nerves and calms the energy body. 

Feel free to switch between the three combinations and perhaps be drawn to using them together with your partner, family, pets and children. They also make great gifts, so why not spread the love?! 

Love & Light, 


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More on the Blue Lotus

The earliest fossil records support the view that the sacred Nelumbo (lotus flower) is indigenous to India. It is a symbol of divine beauty, purity, fertility and enlightenment. It has its roots in the mud and grows upward in the direction of light, which represents the aspiration to rise above and move towards the light, and the journey from darkness to the light of knowledge or wisdom. 

Symbolising the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism through the waters of experience and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment, in those cultures and philosophies it represents the spiritually enlightened person who bears or conducts him/herself without any material or emotional desires. This quality of detachment enables one to remain unaffected by worldly pleasures and gain and achieve spiritual perfection. 

In 2014, my mother Marion Leigh returned from a month long retreat in India, where she made the first new essence and wrote: “I’ve made the first new essence for as many years as I can remember! Soon after my home return, I started imbibing (what better word for this experience) the Lotus Lily. After a month of researching first hand, I want to share with you my experience and what I have learned.” 

Click here to read more about her experiences

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