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Essences for Children, Parents & Carers

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Spring Greetings! This month we are discussing three key combination essences that can be helpful for parents, carers, teachers and children of all ages. As well as essences that can support pregnancy, postpartum and babies.


Rebalance is a wonderful essence to take in times of shock, trauma or stress – both for children and their carers.

Parents / Carers / Children - Rebalance essence is calming and soothing in any crisis as it brings emotional relief. It can also help to relieve associated fear and anxiety, while easing emotional pain and tension.

Pregnancy / Postpartum - Rebalance essence is safe to use during pregnancy and can be very helpful after receiving any upsetting news. Rebalance is also a wonderful one to take before scans or travelling to appointments which you may feel nervous or anxious about.

Following labour, the body transitions from expectant mother to new mother. This period of change can bring about many new emotions and unexpected feelings, which can bring about stress and anxiety. In turn, the baby can pick up on their mother’s own emotions and feel a little emotionally unsettled too, all of which is perfectly natural and a part of the bonding cycle. In these times, Rebalance can bring in a gentle support for both mother and baby.


The Calm Me Down combination can really help both children and carers to focus their dynamic energy into intelligent, creative activity.

One mother who bought Calm Me Down to support her adult autistic son in Dec 2014 had stated;

My autistic son was very depressed after had failed several times to help him via the mental health system is a complete joke! We were at the end of our tether as to the best way forward for him, and get him some proper help with no strings attached! Calm Me down, whilst not a cure, has helped him to managed his anxiety and subsequently his depression. He still has down days but he is less volatile and able to cope better,. As well as the essence, I also purchased the corresponding aromatherapy room mist, for when he needs a little extra support to calm his emotions down.”

In April 2014, another client said -
“I use Calm Me Down when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. My children use it when they feel nervous, or before an exam. Clients find it of great benefit when they’re stressed, taking a driving test, job interview, audition, anything that they get worked up about.”

Parents / Carers / Children - One of the key solo essences in Calm me Down is Wild Pansy (also known by its folk-name as hearts ease) which brings in a presence of mind and emotional composure. Willowherb can help driving impulses to bring about more self control, while Daisy supports us to feel held and protected. This essence is great for anyone who experiences anger or a raging temper (adults and kids alike), as well as animals who may need a little more support. The corresponding Room Mist contains Vanilla, labdanum and Lavender to settle the senses in the same way.

Pregnancy / Postpartum – Calm Me Down can support expectant mothers when they notice the hormones affecting temper or the overwhelm of emotions all at once, but bringing in a sense of calming the nerves. During pregnancy, many are affected by a fuzzy mind, and Calm me Down can support the emotional – mental connection to focus and concentrate when needed. During the postpartum period, Calm Me Down can support mothers after giving birth by supporting the integration of the mental and emotional body, which has been through a major life change. This essence can aid your ability to pay attention to and channel your energies in the right direction during this healing phase.


Sudden separation following the achievement of a cycle can cause upheaval and the sense of an emotional anticlimax whether this is after birth, a child going to school, progressing to a new stage of their development or even leaving home.

Parents / Carers / Children - Maternal Connection can help you to tap into inner reserves of energy and provide the emotional strength to overcome weariness. When babies, children or teens move from one care setting to another, they can experience a sense of separation and unease and this can produce feelings of loss, grief and anxiety. In these situations, Maternal Connection can support the emotions affected by the upheaval and change.

Pregnancy and Postpartum – During both these life phases, uncertainty and anxiety can affect our emotional expression and therefore how we interact with and relate to others. Maternal Connection helps us to stay emotionally calm and feel reassured, then by bringing the essence of Holy Thorn for acceptance into being.

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