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By Iona Leigh of Findhorn Flower Essences, advanced essence practitioner and tutor with the BFVEA, health mentor with Health Creation UK, and holder of a Masters degree with distinction in Performance and Health from Thames Valley University, London.


The need to feel protected takes us back to the moment of our birth, and to those of our forefathers and ancestors who fought for their survival. In this way, protection is a basic need and one that relates to the energetic base centre known as the first or ‘root’ chakra.

It is important to provide ourselves with physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual protection.

Psychic protection means feeling safe in the world, rather living in a state of fear. Psychic Protection Room Mist and Psychic Protection Combination Essence can be used individually or together as a Duo to bring about the feelings and experience of knowing you are protected.


Our root chakra grounds us through the attributes of security, stability, safety, vitality and life-force

These qualities correlate to our individual health, balance and physical well-being, supporting our inner will to thrive.

Once we feel truly protected in life, we become more open to opportunity and prosperity. This deep sense of being safe and protected means we not only feel stable financially and energetically, but on a psychic and spiritual level, too – so we can grow, develop and flourish creatively.

When we enter into any form of spiritual practice, affirmation or chanting, it is very important that we first feel grounded and protected.


When the base chakra is disturbed or blocked, you feel concern over safety, health and livelihood. Behaviours that follow are ruled mainly by fear so that everything begins to look like a potential risk.

Fear, excessive negativity and feelings of insecurity can lead to paranoia, illusion and cravings. Out-of-control emotions can make you short-tempered and unpredictable, anxious, insecure, overly detached and restless. In addition, a lack of focus and poor decision-making aggravates feelings of insecurity so you may not feel safe at all.


When the base chakra is balanced, you feel at home, stable and able to take on life’s challenges. You have clear focus, a sense of purpose, and are present in the moment. We use Psychic Protection Essences and Mists to balance the base chakra.

Psychic Protection Room Mist and Psychic Protection Combination Essence are made by combining the unique vibratory signature of Ancient Yew, Daisy, Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress and Wintergreen.

All of these together, create an Essence or Room Mist that address the issues mentioned in this blog.

In our founder Marion Leigh’s Handbook, she states: Psychic Protection helps us to feel calm and centred by creating a safe space within you, and around you. It can help in detaching from negative thought forms or energies when you feel vulnerable, or in overwhelming situations or environments.”

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