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Feeling Low by Vikki McCabe July 2023

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Low mood is something which we will all experience in our lives. It’s a multi-faceted issue which can affect us in a variety of ways.

Having recently read an article by Energy Healer Suzanne Thomas, I feel that there is a direct correlation between our attitudes and our moods. Suzanne states ‘people with a positive attitude improve the lives of themselves and others around them with their hard work, good humour and caring nature’. Therefore, can we deduce that a positive attitude will positively impact our mood? Consequently, a negative attitude will negatively impact our mood?

Inevitably, we will generally inhibit both positive and negative attitudes depending on the situation. But what can we do when our energy levels are out of balance due to feeling low? Sometimes we can’t find a reason for feeling this way and often when we can’t identify the issue we will try and avoid it. However, this will still have an impact, albeit a subconscious one, on our daily lives. During these times of uncertainty, I personally find myself reaching for the flower essences, knowing that they will help ease me through those feelings.


Life Force is a great combination essence when I feel depleted of energy and emotionally exhausted. It can ‘help to uplift body and soul when you feel weary or drained of energy’. Life Force contains the solo essences of Gorse for joy, Elder for beauty, Sycamore for revitalisation, Valerian for delight and Grass of Parnassus for openness.


‘Life Force helped me so much. Over a short time my energy was so much improved, and I began to do longer walks and visit my friends who were further afield. I felt stronger in myself. Life Force is my go-to essence when I feel tired. Strangely since last year I have not had any episodes of chronic fatigue which I was diagnosed with a few years ago. But then I pace myself more now.’ – Client 23/06/2023


Light Being is another combination essence which helps to combat feelings of despair and sadness. Light Being also helps to nurture ‘an optimistic outlook on life’, which will in turn help to improve our emotional wellbeing. For me, this is the one I tend to go for when I know there’s something up, but I can’t put my finger on it. Light Being contains the solo essences of Gorse for joyHoly Thorn for acceptance, Rose Water Lily for presence, Snowdrop for surrender, Spotted Orchid for equanimity, Valerian for delight and Wintergreen for gladness.

Vikki McCabe – Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner August 2023

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