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Findhorn Essence for Self Care

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Hello Friends, Here in Scotland, the Celtic festival of Imbolc starts on February first, as it falls halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox and marks the beginning of the Spring. It is traditionally celebrated by creating a cross of straw to symbolise the meeting of heaven and earth. People visit sacred wells and gather spring waters to use in their home for spring cleaning as a ritual of purification!

This is also a wonderful time to begin using the Spiritual Marriage, which contains the energetic vibration of Apple, Elecampane, Holy Thorn, Mallow and Sea Pink. In my mother's Handbook she states; "Spiritual Marriage can help balance your inner pairs of opposites. Dynamic union of intuition and consciousness with intelligence and activity can free your full potential and maximise richness in the joy of right relationship."

As we all know, one of the most loved festivals in February is the Feast of Saint Valentine, when we celebrate acts of love. This can be touching or triggering depending on whether we are in a relationship or seeking a new one. As we all know, it is only when we truly experience self-love, that we are able to open up more fully into our tender and intimate relationships.

But we are also entering the Leo full moon, a perfect time to begin using the combination essence of Eros, which contains the energetic vibration of Balsam, Elder, Gorse, Grass of Parnassus, Holy Thorn, Rose Alba, Sea Pink and Sycamore. In Marion's Handbook she states; "Without self-acceptance it is difficult to love and nurture yourself or be a loving partner.”

In the last 10 years of professional practice, I’ve noticed a serious lack of self-love on a global scale as I see clients online, all over the world! Being constantly bombarded with mass media images of what beauty ‘is’, what romance ‘should look like’ and how we are meant to experience love can be very confusing for many of us. We are sold this kind of ideal dream life, when in reality we really need to remember how to love and value ourselves in a much deeper and more authentic way.

In this way, I believe "Essences gently encourage subtle, inner shifts to our energy body. Once we return to an inner state of calm and harmony, we are then more able to listen to, and appreciate ourselves in a real, and healthier way.”

When past traumas hold us back from moving forward in life, Iona says we can be supported on an energetic level with Inner Child. This essence contains the energetic vibration of Daisy, Gorse, Grass of Parnassus, Harebell, Lady’s Mantle, Sea Holly and Wintergreen.

In my mother’s Handbook she states; "When you react from childhood emotional wounds and attitudes, your experiences of the past dictate how you respond to life today. Inner Child may help to change your behaviour patterns and to honour the child you were, in order to love the person you are now."

As we return to this theme of self-love, we see how Flower Essence Therapy allows us to address inner opposing forces and self-judgements, as well as fears fuelled by past hurt, that may still be affecting us today. Flower Essences can therefore help us to address limiting beliefs by addressing the emotions and thought patterns that hold us back. 

As many of us on the healing journey know – we can often feel like we are navigating a new emotional (and spiritual) landscapes, depending on the wounds we are healing. In this way, just as flowers open up their petals up to the sun in total trust, flower essences encourage our energy system to open up in faith, to new ways of feeling and thinking. 

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