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Inner and Outer Spring Clean

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Whether there is still snow on the ground or it’s a warm sunny day, spring is a time of renewal. One way to celebrate and connect with this, is to do some spring cleaning in your home.

Pick a room that you feel needs some care and attention.

Does it serve its purpose? For example, do you enjoy cooking in your kitchen? Can you feel relaxed in your living room? Do you sleep well in your bedroom?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, that suggests some changes are needed.

Start with de-cluttering.

  • Try to be objective and clear about whether the objects in a room are really needed. Are they beautiful to look at, do they uplift you? Do they have a practical application?
  • Separate items into 3 piles: one to keep, one to recycle, and one to throw away,
  • Follow through with action.

If you find it hard to let go of things that really no longer serve you, try taking Silverweed. This beautiful little flower helps us to keep things simple.

It’s attributes help us to simplify life in order to focus on things that are most important, through making us aware of our attachments, and helps us to avoid excesses or extremes.

If you find it difficult to get started, two other helpful remedies are Apple, which helps you to focus on your purpose and overcome procrastination with enthusiasm and perseverance, and Laurel for resourcefulness. This essence supports you to hold your vision, get organized and bring your plan into manifestation.

Once the clearing out has been done, you can then start to do some really deep cleaning, paying attention to all the corners, high and low as you release all the old energies to make way for the new, ‘lighter feeling’ space.

Finish off with a spray of Sacred Space in the centre and each corner of the ceiling, to thoroughly banish any lingering negative energies.

Not only will it smell exquisite with its scent of rose and frankincense, it will also bring a peaceful feeling to the room. Use this spray once a week to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

By creating a more relaxed home environment, you’re much more likely to be willing and able to turn your attention to your own health and wellbeing.

Detoxing is an important part of ayurvedic seasonal routine. It strengthens the action of the kidneys, which filter and expel toxins via the urine.

As we travel through life our bodies absorb and hold excess toxins from our emotions, lifestyle, and pollution from the environment. We may feel heavy, slow, or become ill.

Biologically, nature supports the cleansing of the body in spring.

April prepares her own green traffic light and the world thinks GO!

There are many books and websites offering good advice on how to detox, and for how long. It’s important that you find the most appropriate one for you.

Take the time to really prepare yourself, in particular, looking at

  • What you consciously choose to eat that nourishes you.
  • Foods that may sabotage or tempt you when resistance is low. Dispose of them before you start.
  • Exercise. Choose something that you enjoy! It can be gentle walking or energetic zumba. Either one will assist the flow of toxins out of the body.
  • Getting enough sleep. Make a commitment to yourself to go to bed earlier. You may feel extra tired at the beginning as your body works hard to rid itself of unwanted toxins.

Flower essences are little drops of consciousness that ‘remind’ and assist our bodies to know what to do to feel well.

The combination essence Transformation can be a great support when detoxing. It contains:

  • Watercress to purify and clear stagnant energies, creating positive intentions.
  • Stonecrop for transition and a willingness and patience to change.
  • Apple giving clarity of purpose and intention.
  • Grass of Parnassus to heal and transform the past.
  • Globe Thistle giving strength and willingness to make sacrifices.
  • Sea Pink helping us to stay centred and harmonious.

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