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Marion's Winter Solstice News

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Dear Friends,

The festive season is here, again. I love this time of year and (almost) everything that goes with it. The best part is celebrating with loved ones, all the sweeter when you have little ones around, so for our family, the festivities began ‘in ernest’ with the arrival of Advent on December 1. The days are counted off on the Advent calendar with the opening of small windows. Oh, the little joys! 

Since last writing in the newsletter at midsummer, I have been pretty much based here at home in Findhorn, except for attending the annual International Network of Energy Healing (INEH) Teachers’ Conference in Munich. Whilst there, I received my final certificate as a fully fledged member. I began my teacher-training ten years ago, so this was a landmark for me. (A new course will be starting up this coming February. Please see Workshop Schedule for 2014 if you are interested).

A few days after the INEH Part 1 course ends here in Findhorn, I will be going on a pilgrimage to India for five weeks. I am viewing this as a kind of ‘sabbatical’. A few highlights of the pilgrimage will be a visit to Bodhgaya (where the Buddha became enlightened under the bodhi tree), Dharamsala (home to the Dalai Lama), and Sherab Ling Buddhist Monastery for a meditation retreat.

Until then, there is always ‘work’ to be done, on many levels. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful work colleagues, not to mention my daughter, Iona Leigh - who does the design and layout of our monthly newsletter and this wonderful website, along with her sons (my grandsons), who bring love and joy into this extraordinary, beautiful workplace. Thank you to you all, and thank you for supporting us in our work.

Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

With much love


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