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Masculinity Combination Essence - A Client's Feedback

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We would love to share with you one client's experience with our Masculinity Combination Essence

Last Summer I was in my own 'retreat', in a friends house while they were on holiday. I could do whatever I wanted to, I had all the time in the world for myself.

I was working on my masculine part, and was taking Masculinity to help me.

One morning I felt a very strong sexual desire. It was pure instinct, something animal. I did not dare to go out in the street, I had the feeling I would do no matter what with no matter what man in front of me.

A friend advised to to try Lavender essential oil (I am an aromatologist as well, I always take essential oils with me), in order to calm down a little.

While smelling it, I felt it was totally nasty and disgusting. Just like that. There was an immediate rejection of its smell, an attitude totally strange for me. Lavender is related with Mother Archetype.

And then I guess I connected with the Masculine Wound...

I felt myself as being a baby boy not taken care by his mother, not being hugged or taken in arms when needed. I also felt some beating... And I felt a profound rage towards that mother, and then I felt as an adult man, feeling this profound rage towards all women and all kind of abuses from men towards women were committed.

After this I went to take a bath (I felt I needed to get out of that being-a-man feeling) and felt as if I was back in a mother's womb, and I decided that this time I was being taken care.

I am a very sensitive person but it's not usual to have such a strong experience. I was conscious all the time (I knew where I was, and who I was, etc) but I also was totally aware of those feelings.

For me it was like connecting with the other part's feelings and thoughts, whether from Man or from my Masculine part. I remember it gave me an understanding that goes much beyond words that I could say to you. It was a very impressive, compassionate and loving discovery.

I have been probably abused when I was a small child, I could make a distance from my victim attitude and experience the other side. A tremendous and very valuable experience for me, as well as very beautiful.

Further information on the essence can be found at the below link

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