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Customer Testimonials

I was flying to Australia, journey time about 24 hours plus getting to and from airports, so a lot of travel and different time zones. I arrived in Brisbane looking radiant according to my daughters. Over the next 48 hours I used the Bon Voyage spray a few times and seem not to have suffered jet lag at all.

Jo, UK


“I use Calm Me Down pillules if I feel overwhelmed or stressed.  My children use it when they feel nervous, or before an exam.  Clients find it of great benefit when they’re stressed, taking a driving test, job interview, audition, anything that they get worked up about.”
Alice, UK


I have been using Energy Shield for some time now, as through work I have been spending long hours in front of a computer. I take it in the morning before I start and sip in water throughout the day. I have found that I am able to tolerate the computer for longer periods while using the essence.

Marion, UK


I really love this product. Since I started to take Eros, I feel more relaxed to meet people so that I can enjoy having conversation. It helped me a lot.

My wardrobe has changed into a more feminine style and that uncomfortable feeling I felt ever since being a child, whenever I tried to be ladylike, has now disappeared. Thank you so much!

Anon, Japan


“Another combination I still use is Femininity.  After a hysterectomy I was coming into the menopause.  My female rhythm is changing and my mood has turbulences and swings sometimes to a depressive state of mind.  With Femininity I can cope better with the hormonal issues and love and accept my upcoming wrinkles and the changes of my body”.  
Maria, Germany

First Aid to the rescue! Had a wonderful weekend away on the west coast, very relaxing and gentle. However, an unexpected incident happened just before I was due to set off back home, which triggered a memory of a much deeper event from the past. As I was driving, I could feel distress creeping in, getting stronger until it became real shock! I put on music to try and calm the feeling, but it just didn't work. Then I remembered I had First Aid essence in the glove compartment. This helped to let go of the shock in my body and see the incident in real time and perspective, so that by the time I got home I had been able to release the original emotional block from years ago. GOOD STUFF! 

Dawn, UK


As a prescribing crystal healer and workshop leader based in London, I find Findhorn Essences enhance my work; especially Heart Support which really helps unwind and support this Chakra after bereavement, divorce and abuse of all kinds.

Valerie , UK


Heart Support makes me feel so wrapped up in gentle loving support and allows me to open and surrender all the pain of my heart.

Zoe, UK


Karma Clear has been incredible in helping me to release a significant karmic pattern that I have of taking on far too much responsibility for other people’s happiness and well being, often at an enormous cost to myself. Even though I have known for a long time that this is a trait, I haven’t known how to break through it. Taking this essence has brought me such clarity and given me the strength and courage to take some serious action to redress the balance of things, particularly within family and work situations. I highly recommend it.”

Lynne, UK


……”I also took Life Force when I needed a pick me up and within the hour of taking it I felt refreshed and had a burst of energy.

My partner found that it helped him to keep going and not crash so fast after a long day. He also seemed to have more motivation.”

Eleni, Scotland


I am so glad I bought Psychic Protection because I now have a powerful new tool to defend myself against negative energies. It gives me peace of mind when I spray my aura before entering places that may attract such energies. Since using it I have not suffered from any more horrible attachments.  Anna, Spain


“I normally suffer from S.A.D. dreadfully each year from November onwards. I’ve only been taking one dose of Seasonal Affections daily and I can already feel a difference. I’m feeling more optimistic, have more energy and am even sleeping better. I definitely feel better for it.”

Caroline , UK



I chose the Spiritual Marriage flower essence as I am transgendered and felt instinctively drawn to it. I have also recently been rediscovering my spiritual path after many years of benign neglect. I feel that your remedy has had a significant part to play in my being able to reconcile my gender variant (outer) identity with my inner spiritual nature which is rooted in Christian faith. This has been a genuine blessing to me, and I would like to thank you for this.

Anon, UK


A friend of mine has always had problems to sleep. Since she takes " Sweet dreams" she no longer need sleeping medicine or drugs and does not feel dizzy any more in the morning, when she wakes up. She is very excited.



I spray the Voice Confidence spray when I perform and it’s Magic

Pammie, UK


I use The Sacred Space Mist to clean my house & work space energetically. We also used the mist when we moved into our house and I also bring it with me if I have to stay in a hotel room etc. I have used it for several years now and I just love it and recommend it to everybody.

Grethe, Denmark


My name is Javier, I have been using different flower essences for years including Bach.


That being said my first highly effective healing experience was using Findhorn Flower Essences, their combination essence Voice Confidence to be precise.

 It was at a time in my life, when I was taking on more than I could handle, and I needed to make an important life decision. I was studying Psychology at University and at the same time I was beginning to dedicate myself professionally to healing therapies, Reiki in particular. I knew deep down that I had to choose one of two paths, because I wanted to give myself 100% to what I was doing. I saw that it would not be possible to keep managing to do both, as I was starting to have more and more work as a therapist and Reiki Master.

 In those days I began to take the FFE combination essence Voice Confidence, and after a few hours I began to notice that every time I read my vision become considerably blurred, meaning that I had to stop reading after one-hour maximum. I did not give much importance to this at first, and thought it was down to accumulated fatigue.

 In the days that followed, as I would begin to read or study on the computer, my vision blurred and within a few minutes I could no longer continue. I did not understand what was happening, and went to the see Opticians and Doctors who told me my sight was perfect and that it was impossible to get eyestrain as such a young age.

 It then became very hard for me, as my exam dates were getting closer and I couldn’t study for them. After about twenty days, every time I went to read, my eyesight would blur even quicker, yet for the rest of my daily activities my eye sight was absolutely fine, it was only when I thought about picking up a book to study that it blurred.

 Finally, I was obliged to take the decision to leave my Psychology studies for a while, given that I could not prepare for the exams.  As soon as I had taken this decision, I could read again perfectly well.  It was then that I understood the message perfectly well, the flowers had made me take the path which was best for me.  

 After a few years, I remember this very fondly, because it was the best decision I could have made. Today I am very happy in my work and with my Therapy Centre, and I am happy to be fulfilling my life purpose.

 Needless to say, I obviously kept taking various Findhorn Flower Essences.  They have been a great alIies in my healing and personal evolution, after a time I started to use the single essences to prepare my own essences.  I also started to share the essences with my friends and clients.  I am so happy to continue today in playing my part to ensure this wonderful jewel of nature reaches as many people as possible. Findhorn Flower Essences are a simple tool to use, which is highly effective and transformative.

Javier, Spain


I am a nurse and Reiki Practitioner of 20 years and have used your essence before and compared to others on the market the energy feels purer. So thanks for making them-

Janette, UK


I use and suggest many vibrational essences; but will share with you that the energy of the Findhorn Flowers are my personal favorite.  They're just so beautiful -really!,

Shelly, UK


My verdict… “I’m lucky enough to have visited Findhorn, it’s a magical place and these are magical yet practical essences and spray mists – I love the fact that you can source the perfect remedy too!

Janey lee Grace, UK