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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature

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Ginkgo Flower Essence

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Product Description

Thinking/Thought PatternsGinkgo (Ginkgo biloba)


Be enlightened and allow the power of the life force to radiate through you. Rhythmic flow of life force helps harmonise the mental and emotional bodies and regulates your responsiveness to light.

Ginkgo flower essence may be helpful in making the connections that allow the proper streaming of the life-giving energies. The power of the light force, penetrating into the mind, brings mental clarity and equilibrium as rhythms and cycles are maintained.

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Aging Ι Anxiety Ι Apathy Ι Attention Ι Awareness Ι Blocks Ι Clarity Ι Communication Ι Comprehension Ι Concentration Ι Confusion Ι Darkness Ι Decision Ι Discrimination Ι Dream and dreaming Ι Forgetfulness Ι Grounding Ι Integration Ι Life force Ι Light Ι Memory Ι Restlessness Ι Sleep patterns Ι Thinking /thought patterns Ι Winter blues

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Product Reviews

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  1. beautiful essence 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2017

    First of all, thank you for the prompt delivery and the lovely handwritten note. I have started taking the essences right away and have really loved using them. However, I have felt that taking a single essence works faster than combining 2 essences for example. With this particular essence I felt a subtle shift right away. I am looking forward to trying out more products from your lovely store. Diana

  2. Wow 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Apr 2016

    Anyway, I can report the following effects of Ginko:
    I was hoping that Ginko would help my ME, which has many symptoms, one of which is poor short term memory, and sometimes not being able to remember the word for something, or putting words in the wrong order.
    Initially I took 7 drops three times a day as listed on the bottle. One the first day, I felt very 'sharp' mentally. It was a weekend, but I suddenly had an idea about a way forward in a work situation. I decided to write a paper for my Management Committee at the women's refuge where I work to inform them about the theory behind the practice of our services. I read 2 books carefully and picked out the lots of relevant points. I made links I didn't realise existed to the services I manage, and wrote a 7 page paper. The feedback I have had on the paper has been excellent.
    I was delighted to have had such mental capacity as I usually have to rest for at least 2 hours during the day, and can sustain creative work for at the most 1.5 hours before I exhaust myself and have to vary tasks.
    By day 2 I was feeling 'wired' - my head was buzzing with ideas, but I couldn't switch off. At night, my dreams were very vivid and complex, (not scary in any way).
    Then I remembered that you had suggested that I take 2 drops three times a day, so I reduced the dosage as I was feeling as though I had overdosed on coffee.
    With the dosage that you recommended, I felt very good on Ginkgo. My dreams returned to normal, I felt rested after sleep, and I remained creative and able to deal with complex matters clarity. I managed to make intelligent comments throughout long meetings and didn't feel any mental fatigue.
    Ginkgo certainly had a strong affect on me - in a very positive way.