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Find a solution


Find a Solution

New Website Resource

There is now a quick remedy finder on our website. It is an index of over two hundred attributes and indications (emotional, mental, behavioural and temperamental signs and symptoms).

You can access this resource on the home page ( at the top on the right hand side. Click on “Find a Solution” to see the drop down menu, or alternatively, look at the bottom of the home page in Resources. You can also access it here

Click on “FIND A SOLUTION”, then scroll down and click on the selected ‘issue’. You can also go straight to the issue if you type in the first few letters of the word. For example, if you type in “pur” it will take you straight to “purification”. This saves having to scroll down through a hundred issues to get to there.

Here is an example of how you can use the index.

We are going to look for essences that may be helpful for addictions. I type in “add” in Find a Solution and it takes me to addiction, and the page gives me a list of essences




Iona Pennywort



Spotted Orchid




There is also a cross-reference at the bottom of the list

See also Denial, Co-dependence, Habit patterns, Obsession


I decide to view ‘Habit patterns’, which gives me another list and a cross-reference


Ancient Yew

Elf Cup Lichen


Iona Pennywort

Ragged Robin

Sea Rocket





See also Addiction, Blocks, Denial, Obsession, Unconscious mind

I note that Globethistle, Transformation and Watercress appear in both lists of addiction, habit patterns. Therefore, these essences are likely helpers for addiction. Then I can click on the indicated essences to see which seems the most appropriate, or I can continue my search.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to use the index search function. Please get in touch if you have any problems or feedback.