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Seasonal essentials and special offers


Seasonal essentials and special offers

Here are some suggestions to get the festivities off to a good start.

Use Sacred Space mist spray to help foster a harmonious and positive atmosphere. The elemental essences contained in this spray purify the energy in a room (and in the aura) while the essential oils of frankincense and white rose release an exquisite fragrance, all helping you to feel relaxed and peaceful. It can be used in the home and also in the workplace to offset negative energies emitted from computers, office equipment and stressed colleagues. 

As it makes such a lovely gift with it’s new packaging with the mandala depicting the elemental essences. We’ve put it on a special introductory offer until the end of December, buy 3 and get 1 free. Discount codes are at the end of the article. (Use coupon code S5)

Karma Clear – Use in stressful family situations over the festive season

Life Force – A great pick me up when energy is low

Light Being – Take in January to avoid the depression often experienced after the festivities.

Prosperity – A good support to help manifest your New Year’s resolutions. Particularly beneficial if you’re worried about finances after the cost of Christmas, or dreading the arrival of your credit card statement.

Seasonal Affections – Take now to help adjust to the ‘winter blues’.



Christmas can be difficult for those of us with unresolved family issues from the past. Awkward and confrontational situations often arise, creating unhappiness and tension when we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.

Karma Clear can help us to understand the triggers and issues that cause upset. This then allows compassion and forgiveness to unfold, supporting us to view things in a different way and releasing patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us.

 ” I found with taking Karma Clear that I was more able to say how I was feeling and less concerned about it. I also found I reacted differently to things, i.e. not over reacting in the same situation as I've been in before in the past.”

Eleni, November 2013 

 “Karma Clear has been incredible in helping me to release a significant karmic pattern that I have of taking on far too much responsibility for other people’s happiness and well being, often at an enormous cost to myself. Even though I have known for a long time that this is a trait, I haven’t known how to break through it. Taking this essence has brought me such clarity and given me the strength and courage to take some serious action to redress the balance of things, particularly within family and work situations. I highly recommend it.”

Lynne, November 2013



Take Life Force to overcome the exhaustion that often accompanies this time of year. This remedy stimulates the body’s powers of renewal, uplifting you as it activates the life force, giving you more energy and vitality.

 “After two weeks I can say that the Life Force flower essence seems to have given me about an extra two hours on to the end of my day. Previously I got home after work feeling pretty exhausted after the day. With the Life Force flower essence I managed to get on with some other work during the evening as opposed to being comatose in front of the fire. Don't know if its coincidental but my dream life became more lucid also.”

Mike, November 2013

 I have found that, although I have an enormous amount to deal with in my life, I am no longer feeling overwhelmed by it all. There's no longer a sense of freezing up because I just don't know where to start – I am able to see the next thing that needs doing and do it. I feel that the lack of the panic feeling whenever I think about the 'stuff' I have to do, is because of taking the Life Force.”

Christine, November 2013 

…“I also took Life Force when I needed a pick me up and within an hour of taking it I felt refreshed and had a burst of energy. My partner found that it helped him to keep going and not crash so fast after a long day. (He’s a joiner). He also seemed to have more motivation.

Eleni, November 2013



Statistics show that we are more likely to experience depression in February than any other month of the year. Taking Light Being can help to keep your spirits high, avoiding the ‘low’ that can descend upon us after the celebrations are over. It also helps us to identify with a greater sense of purpose in our lives.

I have taken Light Being over the past 10 days and it has lifted my spirit, I have felt energised and upbeat. My mood and interest in life has improved”.

Michael, October 2013

“I feel that Light Being has been beneficial in helping to keep my spirits up on an inner level, whilst adjusting to some quite arduous changes”.

James, November 2013



When the credit card bills start arriving after Christmas, this remedy helps to foster a more positive attitude and reminds us that we do have the resources to be able manifest what we need. When we have faith and trust in ourselves, we are able to manifest an abundance of wellbeing on many levels. Prosperity also comes in a spray mist _ perhaps that bill could do with a little spray too?

“Last month I had two big unexpected bills, which sent me into an immediate panic. I had no idea how I was going to pay them. After a few worrying hours, I remembered I had a bottle of Prosperity. Within 10 minutes of taking it I felt so much calmer and peaceful. I then ‘knew’ somehow that I didn’t need to be anxious, that if I just trusted, then all would be well. Sure enough, later that week I was given a gift of money and I also sold 3 pieces of artwork, which more than covered the bills”.

Dee, October 2013

“Since I’ve been taking Prosperity, I notice my business is really good. I’m encouraging all my staff to try it as I feel it will benefit them personally as well as the salon”.

Laura, November 2013



For those of you that are affected by the dark days and lack of sunshine, Seasonal Affections can be a great support. Although the winter days are a wonderful opportunity for us to turn inward and harness our creativity and clarity through quiet reflection, they can also bring feelings of irritation and discomfort to some. This remedy helps to release this emotional congestion, allowing you to feel supported and protected regardless of the season or prevailing conditions.

“I normally suffer dreadfully from S.A.D. each year from November onwards. I’ve only been taking one dose of Seasonal Affections daily and I can already feel a difference. I’m feeling more optimistic, have more energy and am even sleeping better. I definitely feel better for it.”

Caroline, December 2013

“I have felt different since taking the Seasonal Affections. I am feeling very positive, light and upbeat. Noticeably so.”

Jan, December 2013




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