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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature


Online Courses


Book here for the Online Course 1 Flower Essence Therapy


Feedback for Online Course 1:


"I would recommend this course to a beginner, but also to someone like myself (a practitioner), who is ready to look at things afresh. The course was easy to work with, mainly because it gave a structure to follow, but allowed me to work with it in a way that suited what I felt was needed. Everyone who undertakes this course will have a different result and gain different insights.

I am very grateful to Marion for all of her work over the years and for the work on making this course."

Diane Buckley, Dec 2018.


“I wanted to share with you that this methodology is proving very effective to me so far … this course is actually preparing me to be a therapist by working/clearing my chakras and reconnect with my guidance/soul as a routine practice.” 

Amanda Danks, Winter 2018


“I am loving the Online Course 1. Thank you very much!”

FFE Online Student, Winter 2018