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Scottish flower essences & remedies made with love & in co-creation with nature

Oral Drops

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Our Combination Essences come as a full range of 24 unique formulas for 'commonly shared life issues', created by Marion Leigh, during her 25 years of Private Practice as an Advanced Flower Essence Therapist. 

Marion saw that there were certain commonly shared life themes that kept repeating when seeing clients. In response, she began to combine the solos to form 'special combinations'. When types of special combinations repeated, Marion began to give them names, and this was the start of our successful combination essences. These essences can be chosen intuitively, by referencing the chakra system below, or simply reading the essence keynote - enjoy choosing!

* NB: All 24 Combination Essences can be purchased either as 25ml Oral Sprays in PET travel bottles or as 30ml Oral Drops glass bottles.  


Chakra 1: Base - Stability

Rebalance - Restore

Prosperity - Abundance

Psychic Protection - Safe


Chakra 2: Sacral - Relating

Teens - Spontaneous

Maternal Connection - Bond

Femininity - Balance

Masculinity - Balance

Sexual Integrity - Evolve

Eros - Love


Chakra 3: Solar Plexus - Power

Life Force - Energised

Energy Shield - Protected

Tranquility - Composed


Chakra 4: Heart - Transpersonal

Karma Clear - Transcend

Take Heart - Support

Acceptance - Resolve


Chakra 5: Throat - Expression

Transformation - Release

Inner Child - Nurture

Lionheart - Encourage


Chakra 6: Ajna - Understanding

Clear Light - Centred

Light Being - Optimistic

Spiritual Marriage - Equalibrium


Chakra 7: Crown - Enlightenment

Holy Grail - Synthesis

Go with the Flow - Easygoing

Dreamtime - Unwind

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